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lighting is a separate service you can add
to your DJ service at a greatly reduced fee


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Do you feel that your wedding reception style would lend itself to ambient indirect lighting and you would like to add my up lighting package to your reception?

If so the up lighting I carry is the latest LED technology, where I can program the up lights to any desired color you prefer to match your color theme of your reception. Also wIth the latest LED up lighting, there is no high wattage electric power needed. This way it is safe in that it will not cause the electric circuit breakers to switch off, causing the power in the room to shut down at your reception, which could knock out all lights in the room and the music.

Here are a few examples of recent receptions using my up lighting.

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Dance Lighting

Do you feel that your wedding reception style would lend itself to dance floor lighting and you would like to add dance floor lighting to your reception?

If so, the dance floor lighting I can provide on request is not over-the-top or too extreme like other DJs. Since unlike other DJs I just DJ weddings, the type of lighting I carry has a more appealing and appropriate look for a wedding reception. Other DJs work all types of events and carry strobes, lasers, and other types of dance lighting that can be very annoying to guests who are seated at their tables.

My Profession is being an amazing DJ for your weddings. I can provide this lighting shown, however some couples do find they want more extreme or professional level of lighting than what I can provide. For these couples there are party rental companies and professional event lighting companies where they specialize in lighting for events, yet I will still DJ the wedding.

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