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Satisfaction Guarantee

money back guarantee

DJs will promise you great things, but they won't guarantee you will really get any of it. They won’t guarantee that you will get the music want or that they won't play music you hate. They won’t guarantee that they won't subcontract your wedding out to an inexperienced DJ. They won’t guarantee that they won’t be two hours late or that they won't get drunk and act crazy and say something on the mic that’s embarrassing.

DJs know that too many people would want their money back if they offered a guarantee, because of the shoddy work they do. Why would anyone get a DJ like this when they know a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime even, costs a lot money to have, takes a lot of work to put together, and are having friends and family go out of their way to be there that day.

I provide a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. Even the fee balance isn’t due till after your wedding. Getting a guarantee like this is a guarantee that you’ve hired a real professional for your wedding.

The Wedding Expert DJ

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